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Our Product

We are manufacturing and exporting PP/HDPE Monofilament Extrusion Plant, PP Tape (Fibrillated ) Extrusion Plant , PP Dan Line Extrusion Plant, PA6 (Nylon6 ) Monofilament Extrusion Plant, PET (Polyester) Monofilament Extrusion Plant, PP Strap Band Extrusion Plant, PET Strap Band Extrusion Plant, PP Sutli (Packing String ) Extrusion Plant etc. Available in different Models depends on production capacity.

Auxiliary equipments like, Multi Spindle Bobbin Winder, Cops Winder, Inflow Twister, Outflow Twister, Ply Yarn Twister, Re-winder, Jumbo Winder, Rope Coiling Machines, ABS Flange Bobbins, M.S. Flange Bobbins etc.

SPM (Special Purpose Machines) are developed and supplied as per Customer requirement.

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